Hyperhook's debut as a team occured in 2016 on the Gymmotion "Sky" tour. With "Chapter One", they performed an epic mix of martial arts and tricking across all of Germany in front of a total of 30,000 spectators.


Shortly after that they proved that tricking can be transformed in to a new type of entertainment with acting and humor in the choreography. "Royal Flush" was considered one of the highlights of the program on the Turngala "Bodies and Beats" tour in 2016 and, throughout the entire tour, gave the audience a better understanding of the unique aesthetic of tricking.


Hyperhook combines the movements from tricking and artistry with the choreographies in their performances to create one-of-a-kind show concepts.


Brotherhood is a performance where the artists of Hyperhook build a quiet and intense atmosphere into a symbiosis in total synchronization.


The theme of the show is together and separated. Equipped with Katanas, the performers create stunning images and surprise the audience when swords suddenly turn into umbrellas.

Royal Flush

Classic swing music, an unusual game of poker, and a cheater.


The four gentlemen try their hardest to stay fair, but nobody is playing with their cards on the table. Royal Flush combines acting, music, and breakneck acrobatics into a rapid round of poker.

Shows on Demand

We offer specially choreographed show concepts for your needs.

Whether it is a product presentation, fashion show, company celebrations, photo shoot or advertising shoot.


From short acts to a full evening program, we offer exactly what you need for your event, from artistry to dance and entertainment.

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